In that case you do have to use ‘world. Thu Aug 14, Another possible solution to this, is try it on a different computer, if it works, then you likely have some bad RAM. Okay, here’s a good one. Fri Aug 15, 6:

zmud 6.62

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There character database is not downloaded with the setup program.

If that will run. On Windows 98, you are limited to k bytes of system resources, no matter how much RAM you have installed. Our argument is that those two processes have been successful thousands of times zmjd every 32bit version of Microsoft Windows out there. I’ll try to reproduce the problem in my computer.

zmud 6.62

As soon as I get to my computer, I’ll post some samples that I think are representative I won’t post the whole thing–a friend wrote much of it for me, and he’d rather not see his work distributed. Reply 5 on Mon 09 Feb I can’t think of any reason deleting the gettingstarted text file would fix anything.

zmud 6.62

However the zMUD regular expressions look different, here is a sample from their documentation: However, 6.2 question is, do you have lots of completely different triggers, aliases, etc. I don’t know how much system resource is used by the MDAC software when loading a database. All times are GMT.


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I am using getvariable here, which means it is an internal variable to mushclient. MUSHclient supports speedwalk aliases, the format is similar to the above, here is a simple example: Reply 1 on Sun 08 Feb You also have more control over the concept of “any number”. What about the “Edit” button?

Only on Win and WinXP was this resource limit removed. No registered users and 1 guest.

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None of them use any particularly specific functionality–the only two I can think of are classes and triggering on the contents of a variable. It is now over 60 days since the last post. For example, you can express numbers as “[]” and letters as “[a-zA-Z]”.

I’m not worried about recreating characters, as this version has never worked sence I downloaded it Either A The zconverter required to process the databases for zmud corrupted the exsisting databases If they follow a general format it might be possible to automate the bulk of it.


Bug reports Area Editor: Given all of the very wierd troubles you are having, at this point I’d suggest reinstalling Windows At first Zmud would freeze after agreeing to the liscense agreement, before it ever reached the Zmuc module. Those problems that did happen in a beta version were fixed very quickly.

MDB character database which must be loading ok if smud is able to click the New button or use existing characters. Thanks Jaerin you assume too much grasshopper. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Your ass will be laminated.

zmud 6.62

I’m using a year and a half old version of Mushclient atm. Thanks, Nick, I appreciate the support. Then, the remaining harder ones could be done manually if any. Thu Aug 14,