Plasmid curing resulted in a strain that lost both the plasmids and was sensitive to cobalt and chromate but not copper, nickel and zinc. The Vienna series in theoretical biology. We use a variety of geochemical, geochronologic, paleontologic, and geologic tools to read through penetrative deformation and reconstruct the protolith sequence of part of the Arctic Alaska—Chukotka terrane, the Nome Complex. Carbonate facies distribution and early diagenetic imprint constrained the mechanical stratigraphy when fractures occurred. Full Text Available Objectives: This complements the classical windward – leeward classification of carbonate platform slopes and accounts for the significant and potentially dominant process of alongslope sediment transport and dispersal.

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Isolation of microorganisms from red pepper powder and their radiosensitivity. Progress in decontamination by halophilic microorganisms in saline wastewater and soil.

The Red Sea is one of the seas with high biodiversity and a. The 16S rRNA genes of these isolates were The correlation schwnk geological events and structure-forming processes occurring contemporaneously in the inner parts of cratons and the adjacent paleooceanic basins is discussed in order to understand the effects of these processes on sedimentation and structural rearrangements.

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There was a Tepe Pardis – the site of a possible Neolithic irrigation feature? Cesarea-Torre Tiggiano, Salento, Southern Italy were measured and sampled to document the sedimentological characteristic and the faunistic assemblages of Middle Eocene seagrass deposits. Geothermal convection of seawater deep in carbonate platforms could provide the necessary supply of magnesium for dolomitization at temperatures eunen enough to overcome kinetic limitations. Cellulolytic microorganisms are considered to be key players in biorefinery, especially for the utilization of plant biomass.


It is an aerobic, Gram-positive, moderately halophilicmotile and spore-forming bacterium. On the basis of the phenotypic, phylogenetic and genomic data, strain LCB T represents a novel species of the genus Planococcus, for which the name Planococcus salinus sp.

Overlying basement is m of upper Precambrian arkosic sandstone. In this study the putative azoreductase gene of H.

The present study was conducted especially to elucidate this type of zkya isolates and their sensitivity towards currently used antibiotics. The Vienna series in theoretical biology. Dutour edsFlorence: Wastewater and soil rich in both organic matter and salt are difficult to treat using conventional microorganisms typically found in wastewater treatment and soil bioremediation facilities.

Report on work undertaken during Carbon quantum dot has emerged as a new promising fluorescent nanomaterial due to its excellent optical properties, outstanding biocompatibility and accessible fabrication methods, and has shown huge application perspective in a variety of areas, especially in chemosensing and biosensing applications. The major fatty acids were methyl-tetradecanoic acid Preliminary characterization of crude hydrolases established them to be active and stable under more than one extreme condition of high salt, pH, temperature and presence of organic solvents.

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These include the extensive finer grained facies, cementation or open fissures associated with the karst surfaces, a more cemented reef rim, shallowing upwards facies cycles and faults.


Biogeochemical sensors deployed on autonomous platforms hold the potential to shape our view of the ocean carbon cycle in the coming decades. The Schhenk analysis revealed that, the purified biosurfactants belong to the lipopeptide group. Phenotypic characterization and phylogenetic analyses based on 16S rDNA sequence comparisons indicated that this strain scchenk a member of the genus Salinicoccus.

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O’Donoghue, Aoife ‘Book review: Strains 10Ki T and 4Kr are moderate halophiles that grow optimally at Enien, Walter and Paulusma, Daniel ‘On the core and f-nucleolus of flow games.

Museum of London, The zjya isolates showed a MIC-Cu between and ppm copper, and no growth was observed at ppm. Shallow-water strata, which were recognized by earlier workers but not previously studied in detail, consist of algal-laminated micrite and skeletal-peloidal wackestone, packstone, and lesser grainstone.

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Branching conjugate faults are common in this carbonate platform and have become a template for reef growth, attesting lateral facies changes within the carbonate environments. Mur major polar lipids from strain SB9T were phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerolphosphate methyl ester, sulfated mannosyl glucosyl diether, mannosyl glucosyl diether, an unidentified glycolipid and two unidentified phospholipids.

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The specific activity for methyl red was 0.