My wireless transfer is very unstable or stopped sometimes. Why is my AP not stable? When I surf the Internet, I can ping but I can’t surf some websites. Choose the network you want to connect and click on the “connect” box. Cards communicate directly with each other. The wireless network are formed by wireless cards only.

wl-5470ap firmware south america

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Then, the link got very unstable. We don’t currently have any sources for this product.

AirLive WL-5470AP 100Mbit/s WLAN access point

So the AP will not try to change between the 2 modes to disrupt the signal connection. Please click on “Remote Management” setup button. The biggest disadvantage for AdHoc mode is that no network device can be attached to the network directly, thus making connection to LAN and Internet difficult. Set your PC’s IP address to Please check your model name first.

Conversely, and bit are the same. The relationship between the percent and dBm are as below: Let us know about it. But it doesn’t allow me to upgrade. When I surf the Internet, I can ping but I can’t surf some websites.


My PC can’t get on the Internet. Theoretically, the AP can support the entire subnet of stations users for class C. Users must select the same key number for all devices.

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I want to connect to the internal server from internet. For example, if you put one minute for watch Interval. Downgrade the firmware to the older firmware version.

To turn it on. Please refer the below table of LED: This can be a remote AP, or a local client. The other method is to enter a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you. Please follow the steps below:. Using this method, users must enter a digit number for bit or digit number for bit in the KEY field.

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By the default, the WAN ping is disabled. Description Details Customer Reviews If it is, it has emergency code function.


wl-5470ap firmware south america

Furthermore, AP allows access control and other security features. How come the TX power regulation doesn’t seem to work correctly? What can I do? Therefore, if there are too many stations in one wireless network, the bandwidth can be influenced greatly.

WL-5460AP v2

When I try to use web management. If you add this item to your wish list we will let you know when it becomes available.

wl-5470ap firmware south america

Please follow the steps below: Open your web browser, then type “