Warkeys is the best Customkeys Tool, download and test it! Not yet, you could use AutoHotkey for the items, it works with 1. Should fix the problem. Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode. I set the keys I want and run the script, but it is not working inside the game. Quick Messages for Allied and All.

warkeys dota

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For some reason it gets saved in a weird location.

Sign up for our Newsletter Email Address. My inventory keys are working just fine but i cant set my skill keys. Can we please get an updated version for 1. Pls get the wc3 Hotkey Remapper to work again, i need it so much. Stopped working for me.

Warkey++ Download (Official Warkeys Version) Customkeys

Not yet, you could use AutoHotkey for the items, it works with 1. Might as well use thischoose zeus and zap when u see red hp bars.

No hope for update as well. With Warkeys you can change the Hotkeys for Warcraft 3 and Dotathe button positions and the tool tips for the icons.


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Hi this is a very old problem, can does someone know how to fix this? Solution — Run the program as Administrator. Warkeys will increase your skill and transform you into a mighty Killing Machine! Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode.


When you finish Warkeys generates a Customkeys. If I click it again it says it already exists.

Actually the “always show hp bar” function can be selected in gameplay option after 1. You can set every key by yourself or use predefined grid layouts to generally set up Customkeys.

So no problem using it! Wc3 Warkeys also enables you to import your old Customkeys. This comment form is under antispam protection.

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Autowarkeys script about remapping inventory doesnt work anymore? I doa to save to customkeys. And finally I figured out warkfys to make the AutoWarkey-Scripts work again — at least in my case: You need to manually copy it from there to WC3 folder.

Quick Messages for Allied and All. Disable Left [Win] Key. Will this be treated as a “Hack” in garena and ended up our account being banned? This tool has other great features too, check them out! Rampage this rocks other warkeys conflict TRY this guys make C dagger when using Sk xD he ulties and u get to blink with 1 key just c shift click were warrkeys wanna go both ulti and blink will be selected asses. Hey, is inventory mapper working for new patch 1.


warkeys dota

Hey guys, do you know if there is updated version for 1. Feel the Power of Keys — If you need any help make a comment! Warkeys is a free Tool for Warcraft 3 and Dota to create your own specific Customkeys. DLL aarkeys not found re-installing this application may fix this problem. Can u fix the hot key to user can change it??

warkeys dota

Should fix the problem.