Its meaning is propitious as well as cautionary. On the other hand I have the specific memoranda of various German consuls, reports from missionaries, the eyewitnesses of the worst atrocities. General Waggenheim Gilbert Green It arrives today—when Syria and Congo are killing fields—as a timely reminder that savagery thrives in silence. This story was written in the early s and was as controversial then as Resolution has been in the last few months and for the same reasons. Musa Dagh is a mountain on the Syrian coast where seven Armenian villages of maybe 5, people made a last stand against the Ottoman Empire’ s Armenian genocide during WW 1. For several years the novel could be read in Nazi Germany despite book burnings that included Werfel’s previous titles and the increasing number of proscribed Jewish authors and their books.

the forty days of musa dagh

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It is not until four refugees arrive in Yoghonoluk in late April, that the full nature of what the Ottoman government is doing becomes clear, for the refugees bring news of the brutal suppression of an Armenian uprising, in the city of Zeitun and the mass deportation that followed. More importantly, it’s a masterwork of historical-fiction that illuminates in close-up fodty detailed fashion some of the cultural, political, and historical aspects of the tragic event which, even in its more factual and blatant respects, is not always well understood.

Meanwhile, in November, on a lecture tour through German cities, the author selected Chapter 5 of Book One for public readings. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The World of Yesterday Stefan Zweig Gabriel Bagradian Ronnie Carol However, this story tells of those in several villages near the Mediterranean in what is now southwest Turkey – not far from Aleppo, Syria in the news today – who refused to be “expatriated” and chose instead to fight. The book is definitely not a light read but it is a must read for all those who want to get a feel of what happened when the Ottomans began exterminating the Armenians.


The Ottomans see the fire and prepare for the final assault.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

WW1 World war one The Great war. Bagradian considers himself a loyal citizen of the Ottoman Empire, even a patriot, eschewing the more radical Armenian parties, such as the socialist Hunchaks.

So what to say? Based on the real-life defense of Musa Dagh’s Damlayik Werfel tells us the fictionalized story of the Turkish genocide of Armenians through the eyes of Gabriel Bagradian, an Armenian who, although growing up in his native village of Yoghonoluk near Musa Dagh, spent 23 years of his life living in France and Europe.

the forty days of musa dagh

Want to Read saving…. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Armenians would normally gather around in the courtyard of Istanbul’s Pangalti Armenian Church and set fire to copies of the book.

For example, I’m not aware that the U. Soon after, he discovers the large Red Cross distress flag, the Armenians flew to attract Allied ships and sights the French cruiser Guichen in the fog.

Not being able to read pages in a sitting, I constantly had trouble finding a cut off point. For the most part, the people simple died on the forced marches. View all 14 comments. Juliette apprehends the growing estrangement of her husband and son, seeking purpose and solace in nursing the Armenian wounded and in her friendship with Gonzague Maris, which develops into a passionate affair. This book of the same name was written by Franz Werfelan Austrian Jewin Who is to say that one people is worse or better than another?


View all 16 comments. This book is a masterpiece. View all 3 comments. This is one of the strange features of genocide denial and of Turkification: And as the sun descended behind the high city walls the smell of grilled meat drifted over from nearby homes, and the sound of children playing began to fill the streets. Jun 21, Carolyn rated it it was amazing. Landsborough wrote in of rumours of political pressure holding up that new MGM production.

Forty Days of Musa Dagh () – IMDb

The episode ends with Lepsius witnessing Enver and Talaat being driven past in a limousine. In the early s, an English publisher, Gordon Landsboroughattempted to produce a film version of the book and wrote a film treatment for it. Nov 20, Dave rated it it was amazing. Inspired by the sight of undernourished Armenian refugee children in Damascus, Franz Werfel narrates, in his famous novel, the fate of several thousand Armenian villagers who fled from their imminent deportation to a nearby mountain and hid there until they could escape on naval vessels of the Entente over the sea.

the forty days of musa dagh

Films about the Armenian Genocide.