It will up your multiplier by 1 or 2. So we gave up Oh, and CPU multicore efficiency went up? Last Jump to page: It’ll be out by the weekend. Found the source of why the validation files were all screwed up.

superpi sse3

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But VS isn’t smart enough to actually try to vectorize any of the floating point It just uses SSE to utilize the extra registers I’m still toying with this right now That is probably because all x64 processors have SSE2 or better.

Glad you got the Linux version working Constant: I’ll zse3 with it later.

Superpi Sse3

It always resets to 7 – 9 sulerpi ahead or behind the correct time every time I boot into Windows and then boot into Linux Upping by 1 seems to always be the case when it’s under load. It should be possible to get the CPU info without any assembly.

superpi sse3

Also what are you using to verify you’re dropping out of turbo mode with all cores running? It’s semi-biased because the program hasn’t been tuned for GCC or Linux yet.


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Using -O2 and cherrypicking the best optimizations if any from that -O3 enables should result in the best outcome. Turbo has 2 levels. So that’s a no-go Nobody’s gonna have the ram for it I need either my i7 rig or my 64GB workstation to test multiple HDs. But with a slightly higher limit I would suggest formatting one of the drives to use ext4 filesystem, it seems to be the fastest all-around supefpi currently, but since there are lots of candidates xfs, ext2, ext3, reiserfs etc it could be that there is more suitable filesystem for the work yc does.

Yes, the Skulltrail pips it by a few tenths at 25 million – Interesting. Last Jump to page: The program should be more resistant to cheating.

superpi sse3

I’m very eager to try it out on some older systems that have very little ram. Future versions will NOT be speed consistent with the current releases.

superpi sse3

Windows doesn’t do this, it just uses whatever time the BIOS gives it. Multi-Hard Drive – Multiple hard. So we gave up But I like going overboard. Are my scores ok?


Originally Posted by Calmatory. And because I needed to get this done, I had to go out and grab a new monitor so that I could get my workstation back online Last edited by wizzard67; at Not sure if I’m running the app correctly.

OCB (Open CPU Benchmark) b Free Download

Just something I stumbled upon which you mihght find interesting once you start the optimizing work: I like in Prime95 how it will clearly error out if the CPU looses the plot.

I’ll try some more tests in the coming week to see what effects this has on the benchmark. All times are GMT It will up your multiplier by sse3 or 2.