Throughout the album Stevens displays his Christian faith respectfully but with passion and flights of imagination. You forgot ‘Sister’, which has a long beginning reminscent of his later work, but ends with a beautiful, quiet hush. Stevens has a beautiful voice and a rare melodic instinct but it is the passion with which he performs these songs that causes them to communicate so much, so well. Absolutely atrocious and I believe that this has tainted the name of Sufjan Stevens. I can’t wait for his next release “Illinois” … Expand. Views Read Edit View history. The best record of the year.

sufjan stevens seven swans album

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For the non believer there is much to enjoy with the delicate melodies and Stevens fragile vocal stylings. Bradley Notes go to album.

Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues. The Jungler September 4th Comments.

Go back to tallying up all your votes. Size Too Small Sufjan Stevens. Introspection Late Night Partying.

sufjan stevens seven swans album

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Classic Album Revisited: SUFJAN STEVENS – ‘Seven Swans’

Don’t take my spot allright? Seven Swans is a record of remarkable delicacy, and the genuine otherness stevene would expect from an erstwhile member of profoundly eccentric collective the Danielson Famile. I’m your mystery pos, baby. Purchasable with gift card.

sufjan stevens seven swans album

The banjo has never sounded so soothing and Sufjan’s voice is so entrancing. I’m definetly checking this out. Then a different pos. Fellow Famile members Elin, MeganDavid, and Andrew — who also appeared on The Great Lakes State — lend their vocal and percussion talents to the mix, resulting in a surreal campfire environment that’s part confessional and part processional. The accompaniment of the song starts with a simple banjo and builds and builds as the drama unfolds.

Stevens may oscillate between folk and electronic offerings but this album reveals all his true gifts. On Joyful Wings Michigan.

Seven Swans – Wikipedia

The threading of the needle on the song makes for an emotional response and another captivating selection.

We Won’t Need Legs to Stand. Stevsns Transfiguration Sufjan Stevens. Would you reccomend this or Illinois for a first? Sufjan argues that we will have wings when we die, and the afterlife will be better than the life we have now.


sufjan stevens seven swans album

He is no ordinary singer-songwriter. After two verses, the song begins to grow. The 12 tracks on Swans yield the same bounty, but with a leaner arsenal, due to Stevens ‘ sparse arrangements and production from Danielson Famile mastermind Daniel Smith. Like faith, these sugjan require patience, as their almost mantra-like arcs take their time to fully form.

Seven Swans Reimagined | On Joyful Wings

Then the mystery 4th. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You forgot ‘Sister’, which has a long beginning reminscent of his later work, but ends with a beautiful, quiet hush. In The Devil’s Territory.