Why isn’t there a download all button?! When that catchy yelling that this track is so notorious for comes in you won’t be able to stop yourself from just breaking loose and signing along. WTE uses the original vocals layering them in with their own wobble. It was only a couple weeks ago that I started listening to Jax Jones, so for you to come along and remix one of his tracks is like a gift from audio heaven. I’ve also included an extra list of goodies so if you can’t get over the signature sound of Arcade Fire that’s featured below then you have a whole new list of remixes to listen to. But, interestingly enough, the song “We Are Your Friends” didn’t take off until the year following the band’s split.

sprawl ii soulwax remix

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John Wayne by Anna Murphy. That is until Bass-Sick comes in with their grimey wobbles that completely shred the original with enough bass and filth you’re sprawp to have your head shaking with disorientation.

If there grime doesn’t satisfy your thirst and hunger for disgustingly good dubstep then their heavy bass surely will when you hear how Cry Wolf perfectly layered it on top of the main beat.

Christian TV ‘s remix hits home literally with a choir signing initially and a smooth beat that comes in remic would make any downtempo fan instantly fall in love. Even just the beat break down at 3: Cry Wolf ‘s remix is actually a remix of Mr. Editor’s PickElectronicremixestame impala.

What the English ‘s WTE remix is a heavy bass infused remix that from start to finish shakes the core of your brain. Soulwax ‘s remix simply triumphs all others which gives further reason as to why it’s the most popular remix. Simian – We Are Your Friends. From the initial chords it loops the main track until it finally let’s it roll out where it builds up with such suspense that you might just hold your breath the first time you hear it.


Artist Remixed – Arcade Fire – EARMILK

I hate to do this because Artist Remixed is not about the most popular remixes, if that’s why you come weekly you’re in the wrong place.

WTE uses the original vocals layering them in with their own wobble. Tronik Youth ‘s edit is a great mix of the original track “We Used to Wait. Simian Mobile DiscoChromeo. Dellamorte ‘s remix really impressed me, from the initial beat you can instantly expect big things as it draws out the original melody from “Sprawl ” and then adds a electronic side xprawl a ambient structure.

Why isn’t there a download all button?! Cry Wolf’s remix does the original more than enough justice as these two producers come crashing down with a warped and filthy spin on the melody.

sprawl ii soulwax remix

This week though I had soulwaax give my overall favourite remix to the most popular remix of Arcade Fire by far. But, if there’s one group capable of pulling it off, Soulwax might be the one. The single in question is “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” a song Elizabe It’s soft and ghostly as it initially doesn’t make any noise for the first couple of seconds and slowly creeps in without you even noticing it. Other than that I would have thought that Hawk’s remix gives the original a bouncy bass and a catchier melody that make sprswl a mix of eerie vocals now beautifully looped and distorted and a groovy tune.

Thanks for these great list! It’s a real treat as his Dellamorte’s remix almost sounds nothing like the original yet you ui occasionally get small snippets of the vocals that reminds that you are, in fact, listening to just a remix of Arcade Fire.


sprawl ii soulwax remix

This track is really nice structured together as it constantly goes back between soluwax distorted sound of the vocals and a heavy bass that makes your chest hurt. The Hood Internet yet again works their typical magic as they combine two tracks with such skill and accuracy that you would hardly notice it’s actually a mashup. By Jason Grishkoff on Jul 21, Roosevelt, you little beauty you.

Hawk ‘s down-tempo remix starts off my list of 10 favourite Arcade Fire remixes with a hardly down-tempo beat really. Those beautifully crafted melodies and catchy lyrics have entrapped millions of fans all over as they constantly play to sold out shows. Press Esc key to exit.

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Joeyverbeke ‘s remix is one of the softest, most ambient sounding tracks that I think I’ve ever featured in an Artist Remixed. It has just the right amount of energy mixed with a pop single and takes the time from weaving a catchy tune through the original beat to build up troughs and crests.

This week’s mashup of Blondie and Arcade Fire is one for the “recently added’ playlist. I just love Arcade Fire, they’re the best! It was only a couple weeks ago that I started listening to Jax Jones, so for you to come along and remix one of his tracks is like a gift from audio heaven.