If the Motion is being executed, you can read the current Motion index number. Accessory Device [Servo motor: This tutorial assumes that you are aware of the basics of using RoboPlus with Dynamixel servo motors. If below popup message appears and fails to open the file, please read the following instructions. For instance, it can detect and count clapping sounds to make the robot move in a certain way.

roboplus task

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Values from task code: Configures the location of the servo motor. I had an idea about how to resolve this but I’m not sure it would work. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The following is an example of executing a Motion that is saved in the Controller.

Intoduction to Roboplus Software

A Task is a set of motions to perform a certain actions. Below window will be opened if the file is running successfully.

Task files from newer versions are not compatible with older versions. If the instruction code is only one line then you can omit the block symbols.

Reading Data into RoboPlus Task

The value of the Powersave Timer ranges from 0 toand the unit is 1 minute. Please refer to the Controller Compatibility for more detail. The shorter the time, the less smooth the movement will be. I assume I simply open up the virtual RC and click the buttons then?


roboplus task

A motion file is uploaded to CM Servo controller similar to that as task file. I’m thinking of writing a program in C which could then read the data from the sensors to transmit the button commands on the CM-5 up, down, right, left in combinations. The following is robboplus example of using variables.

Download RoboPlus Task

How-to guides Windows 10 Chrome Search Engines. Controllers Accessory Device [Geared motor] This is used to control the geared motor connected to the controller.

If the left part of the window remains greyed out, it means you do not yet have a motion file in your controller. These are then combined with the Manager, which manages robot firmware. The following is an example of using Powersave Timer to configure sleep mode for the Controller. The current setup I have is: This is then combined with the RoboPlus Motion tool, which defines a set of motions that may be included in task codes. This is done by generating a random number between 0 and 15 to execute a corresponding motion.

The time now is The pause time is between 0 and 2. All the labs after lab 4 use motion files. The following is an example of using Loop For to print the number on the screen 10 times.


The range of the maximum value is from 0 to The following is an example of using Random Number to execute a random motion. To download the task code, the controller must be connected to the PC.

roboplus task

Common These are basic variables and constants that can be used in every device. The following is an example of configuring a specific joint to not be affected by the Motion data values. The rohoplus is an example of controlling the LED module.

roboplus task

In my current setup I have additional sensors ultrasonic sonar and laser range finder attached to the Bioloid robot which are attached to a Roboard Virtual Robot Control RoboPlus Task supports virtual robot orboplus, which makes controlling of robot possible without a remote controller devices like RC Now that I’ve taken a second look, it’s superfluous information, but the packet sends data little endian: