Here’s a breakdown on how we plan to use the funds to aid in completing our base game of 8 characters:. BAYANI has been through lots of iteration, development started and has been demoed on different events where the game is played by beginners, casuals, and pro fighting game enthusiast. Also includes previous tier rewards. Sasagutin ka ba ng nililigawan mo? Papasa ka ba sa exam?

ranida games

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Also includes previous tier rewards Includes: Ships to Anywhere in the world. To reach this goal we need your likes, shares and re-posts. To be developed Platform: We’re currently planning to release Alpha access in months, depending on our progress after the early access.

We carry a lot of pride in BAYANI, being the first Filipino made fighting game that are inspired on the Philippine history, we are serious to deliver a good gaming experience to casual and pro fighting game players.

You get a personal thank you note from us and you get to have your name in a video game! It is also related to the Filipino word, Arnida, which is the Filipino spirit for camaraderie and community spirit. Games Gamea We love gaming more than anything. Some skins can only be obtained by doing different actions in the game such as finishing a character story mode, winning for a number of times etc.


ranida games

In-Game Advertising Reach more audience for your brands! You will receive 2 unique BAYANI early access steam key for a digital copy of the game, 1st is for you and 2nd is for a friend.

Estimated delivery Jan Itanong mo yan kay Cong! Check out the FAQ. Also includes platinum tier rewards.

Ranida Games

Questions about this project? And yet, despite all the conflicts, history has a strange way of repeating itself. Custom rewards included below. We offer in-game advertising for our mobile games where your brand is placed and becomes part of the game itself and reach millions of our players.

The guy carrying the Black Panther sculpture is 5’6″ in height, I hope this should give you an idea on how big and awesome the character sculpture is going to become. Combatron is a 90’s comic book character created by Mr.

ranida games

Fly high, avoid obstacles, collect coins and unlock cool and extremely cute birds in this frustrating, action packed flying adventure game!

Developing a game is hard; more so, creating a fighting game. All the stages arnida the game are based off real locations and landmarks in the Philippines. Example of Joe and Dre relics.


BAYANI – Fighting Game by Ranida Games — Kickstarter

Also includes previous tier rewards. The game features a rxnida of 2D fighting gameplay and full 3D graphics that modern fighting game players will be familiar with. The official game of the Philippine Basketball Association.

We will have to virtually destroy it first, make it post apocalyptic looking aaannnd perfect! Let’s turn any place you want into a fighting game stage!

ranida games

A fighting game with characters and environment based on the Philippines History. Slapshock is a globally renowned Filipino heavy metal band with numerous hits under their belt.

Likewise, we partnered with a professional fighting game consultant that will work closely with the team rnida ensure the quality of the game. Unfortunately, there are several features that we would like to include in the game that our internal budget won’t allow us to do so. Macahora Building Pacita Ave. The game was originally conceived as a mobile game designed with simpler controls and casual design.