Refunded from the beginning of the Item Mall in R1. I seen low lvl VN coming from high lvl alters. The game is very PvP-oriented. They promised a lot of things but I find that the game was still as grindy as it was back in GC’s era, and the grinding and “gambling,” with luck, were the TWO main things that I disliked about how 9Dragons was implemented. I don’t think we are short life span, even we are private server.

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Why are we here? | 9Ds Forum

Found accidentaly comments plz. B -Scroll to the end for a one-sentence summary. And to be honest, I like it when I farm that I get what I want by my own accomplishment, to me that’s very satifying. Originally Posted by adek Moreover, damage was reduced So I’m going to play that Download OTL to your Desktop. Sorry if that was confusing.

Few questions since I’m new here

I know nothing about privs nowadays. Doing Black Monk Dungeon requires the same 5 minutes to complete with reduced damage but bosses still deal massive EW, almost stuns you perpetually if you don’t get the LOS right and hits really hard I believe that they are just using play9d’s name to get more popularity Bro come on, the game can be better yes sir but its good as it is now.


And what happens if you are not lucky? I didnt wanted to make a new topic, so ill ask here. And that’s the problem.

play9d r1

Redfox is trying to be politically correct and it will end up biting them in the ass when the server is so low they have to shut down only a year after having the title. They got playd base or x4, not sure now, because they were going to decrease base.

play9d r1

d1 Did you even check the damage of starter weapon in this server and compared with other weapons? I see people; here, I don’t. Where am I supposed to get billions of gold to even get some decent gear to “farm” for the real deal? Some research found three primary factors that influence the creation and use of private servers; and a recurring primary finding was “Nostalgia.

play9d r1

The last thing on my mind was insulting you or saying you see things wrong. This is because the game is still grindy and it’s still difficult to get high level gear.

Make a character H12 and grind Tibet? Wow, thats what i think, maybe people expect too much about the lifetime of the private d1 or maybe they take it so serious and play a lot to take advantage, and its ok but there must be another why of why people is here and its because we me love the game as it is. So, one of the main thing that caused a lot of players frustration and anger, and even resulted in a lot of rage quit, etc.


You must log in or register to reply here. A private server is illegal. I do not want you to misunderstand me, by thinking that I want to be given the gear r11 I don’t.

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I have no motivation to play here, though I wanted to feel motivated. Don’t like to grind pay9d farm? Originally Posted by cena Dang download va cho setup. But why have rates, as opposed to just getting your material and refining it without this “chance” of success? KitoJul 1, Suba is still growing up, getting new content etc.

This brings me to why this is my first post.