The user should receive a notification when new updates are available. Enable 3D Acceleration Remote Display: The Notes section is used to include noteworthy things I encountered while working on this review. January 23, , Head scratching here too

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How much memory do you have on your system and how much of it is dedicated to VirtualBox? Gamers will appreciate that PCLinuxOS automatically installs proprietary grahpics card drivers during the installation of the operating system. Immediately after the installation PCLinuxOS did not notify me of any updates, even after opening the Synaptic package manager. The Notes section is used to include noteworthy things I encountered while working on this review. February 03, When I would set up a new development environment on my professional workstation I might consider PCLinuxOS because it does run very stable in my experience, and I like the rolling release approach on a stable and thoroughly tested base compared to most other rolling release distributions.

Even after a system reboot and without accessing the external hard drive to make sure there should not be anything being written to or read from the external hard drive, the system was unable to safely remove my external hard drive.

Index of /isos

The installer also provided the option to manually configure the partitions on your disk. The only real annoyance I encountered during my use of PCLinuxOS was that the system seemed unable to 212.12 remove my external hard drive. When you open the main menu and start typing, matching applications are immediately shown while typing your search query.


Do you pcilnuxos MB? It seems weird to me that I was able to find dutch documentation for PCLinuxOS while English documentation was lacking, but unfortunately this dutch documentation was out-of-date as well.

The disc will run as LiveCD directly on the machine and has been used to install on another machine so seems OK. I found this application very useful to set up my system, and to check the proper drivers were installed for my hardware.

PCLinuxOS KDE Review

Thunderbird is also included as the default email application, which I personally think is a great choice. One of the ;clinuxos of the KDE plasma desktop is that it allows the user to fully customize it if they wish. I also found the boot configuration in the Control Center very useful. Has your virtual disk a fixed size or is it dynamically allocated?

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Home Help Search Login Register. One site with documentation I found helpful was https: I’m trying to load from a DVD. Enable 3D Acceleration Pclibuxos Display: Without Steam support I would never consider this distribution for gamers.

Head scratching here too Since I am an avid gamer, I also like to review distributions on their gaming capabilities.


Wireless networking

To update the system, APT or the front-end Synaptic package manager is used. The operating system was easy to set up and it was stable and responsive on my older laptop. If I pree “esc” I just get a blank screen with a flashing cursor – no messages.

VLC media player was installed and was able to immediately play my music and videos.

The installer recognized the operating system that was already installed on my laptop, and provided the option to either install PCLinuxOS next to the already installed operating system, or to completely pclinuxs the operating system so that the whole hard drive would be used by PCLinuxOS. Are you using the pclinuxos-kde Please login or register.

For the VM settings I am using those recommended by agmg in another thread so I should be giving it enough memory.

I have tried the Notes The Notes section is used to include noteworthy things I encountered while working on this review. Questions seem to be answered quickly and in a pclinuxo and helpful manner.