We fixed this, and now checkout always outputs user information in selected language. Feel free to contribute! It is not longer possible to log in with a customer number used as user name. It checks now if an external URL is passed and if so it does not add parameters like session and language to it. Your explanations are very logical, complete and easy to follow. Now as the support of magic quotes was dropped with PHP5.

oxid eshop 5.0

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By using this feature, it was possible to assign a user group via URL, and not added to the prohibited user groups list. Hence, you can deliver your module, including the functionality plus the display part completely encapsulated.

This is important as you can have a different word order in different translations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Of course we will continue to fully embrace our open source strategy and go on working on one single code basis.

How to Write a Module for OXID eShop: Display “You will save x %” on the Product Details Page

We introduced new class oxUserAddressList. Feel free to contribute! All update packages can be found on this page: August 10, at 5: Beginning with this release we removed Basic theme and will not maintained it in esshop future. Professional and Community Edition, in release 4. This was done to support more than subshops that are possible up to this time.


In admin there are password and password confirmation inputs for dealing with module passwords. Caching Enterprise Edition In order to enhance the performance of OXID eShop and smoothen the effect esbop load peaks in high load scenarios we will implement a new caching system in version 5.

OXID eShop XSS / CRLF Injection ≈ Packet Storm

This patch includes security improvements see below for details. Additionally the way the SALT hash was created was changed slightly.

Falls nicht empfehle ich einen Blick auf z. A module value can store up to characters. July 1, at Be sure to upate your templates to take dshop advantage of alle the changes.

Now JavaScript does only a very basic email check: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Template oxiv have been done in this patch release.

OXID eShop version (CE + PE) & (EE) • OXIDforge

Please note that the method getInstancemarked as deprecated in 4. The default language will be English.


oxid eshop 5.0

We also created the oxMailValidator class with the method isValidEmail. OXID eShop version 6. Sorry for any inconvenience. The rest is a bit of programming magic. When updating the templates the dynamic security token parameter must be added not only for standard links, but also for any custom action link URLs. Separate systemic components, eship from applications. More information can be found in this pull request.

oxid eshop 5.0

This field will contain the VAT identification number prefix. If you continue browsing this site, you agree to the use of cookies. The new caching system will consist of three main components:.

oxid eshop 5.0