Under certain conditions, if the size of the canvas assigned to a gauge view is very small, and the legend is set to display on the left, then some of the gauges in the gauge view may be cut off and not visible. In the interactive viewer, data aggregation functions return an incorrect value when the base data set is not a single, flat data set. Report — Specifies that details about each inconsistent object are written to the sawlog. For example, ensure that you have the host name, port, SID, user name, and password for the database. These issues are described in Section 6. At runtime, the proper locale will be displayed in the Report Viewer.

oracle bi publisher

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This section describes general issues and workarounds related to Oracle Business Intelligence analyses and dashboards. This is because, as you imagine, all the necessary information is already provided in the Data Template.

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The expected behavior is to display the help system in English. This lack of support has been lifted and the script can be used in this case. The workaround is orale manually create the users or groups after upgrade is complete, with new oublisher that do not contain the invalid characters. General Properties page,” and “KPI editor: For example, if the database stops, WebLogic Server does not recognize a hanging or invalid connection.


To work around this issue, you must delete the data set b recreate it. The description of these properties in the “Setting Report Processing and Output Document Properties” chapter incorrectly states that the value of each property must be the path to the profile data file.

UNIX kernels must commonly be configured to allow more than publsher per directory. The revised paragraph should read as follows:.

The default pixel value isnot Tap the Dashboards tab to display a list of top-level dashboards you have access to. During the course of Oracle BI repository development in a Multiuser Development MUD environment, it might be necessary to make manual changes to the master repository.

Create data definition 3. Click Applyand then Activate Changes.

oracle bi publisher

When hovering the oarcle pointer in the right corner of the Filters section, the toolbar is invisible. At the command prompt, type admintool and press Enter.

oracle bi publisher

Error messages invoked while working in the BI Publisher data model editor may display according to the server locale setting rather than the user interface locale setting. Associate with Integration Object 5. The iPad PDF reader cannot support editable PDF form fields, however, you can still generate the report with static text in the fields.


Table provides sample strings for use with the regex syntax in search criteria.

Enter a name for the dataset. How can I change report file name to other value? Periodically, Oracle Intelligence patches are released. The following are valid logical names:.

The ICC International Color Consortium profile is a binary file describing the color characteristics of the intended output device. Keep the following points in mind when handling catalog files on various platforms: Only thing you need to do for this step is to check ‘Enable Monitor and Audit’.

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PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture pages for: This is caused by the Microsoft graph lublisher. When upgrading a repository with non-English user or group names, warnings might be reported in the log file, such as “Group name???

This applies to Excel and PowerPoint. If the user language has been set to Arabic or Hebrew, then you cannot drag or scroll to view further BI content in the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile application on your iPhone or iPad.

Click Finish puvlisher start the process.