This instruction stipulates approval authority, standards, and guidance for thedesign, installation, and maintenance of Protected Distribution Systems PDS. Official with the authority to formallyassume responsibility for approving an Information System or network at an acceptable level ofrisk. It shall include the following information in each listed category: All of the connections in a Hardened Carrier System are permanently sealed completely around all surfaces with welds, epoxy or other such sealants. Read the Text Version.

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Legacy alarmed carrier systems monitor the carrier containing the cables being protected. This instruction applies to U.

Although proper design and installation of PDS are important, continuedphysical security integrity after installation is critical. The guidance required varies based uponclassification or type of data handled and type of area through nstjssi the PDS are installed.

Boxes withprepunched knockouts may not be used; d If the hardened carrier is buried, it should be a minimum of1 meter below the surface and on the property owned or leased by the U.

A Continuously Viewed Carrier PDS is one that is under continuous nstisi, 24 hours per day including when operational. If the carrier is buried in an installationoutside the U. Protective Distribution Systems 13 Dec 3.


The area containing PDS should be illuminated. Mobile systems employing inter-shelter cabling need not be re-approved for eachrelocation if the relocation provides security comparable to that of the original approval. Appropriate security personnelshould investigate the area of attempted penetration within 15 minutes of discovery.


nstissi 7003

Provide classification level of the area controlled, and indicate if uncleared personnel aremonitored? Describe the inspection procedures for detection of tampering; and d. Retrieved from ” https: Department of State Composite Threat List, distributed periodically b. If this is not practical, users of all PDS should be notified of the possible breach insecurity, and the use of the PDS should be limited to the greatest extent possible.

With a hardened carrier systemdetection is accomplished via human inspections that are required to be performed periodically.

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Access to all points with breakouts should be restricted topersonnel cleared at the highest level of the breakout. For any given facility,physical and technical security safeguards for the PDS normally should not exceed thesafeguards afforded to the physical space originating and processing the data carried by the PDS. The following references are applicable to the installation and use of PDS: The joints and access points should be secured and be controlled by personnelcleared to the highest level of data handled by the PDS; and 3 The carrier should be inspected in accordance with the requirements of TableB-2 page B-5 of this document.

nstissi 7003

If pull boxes areused, the pull-box covers should be sealed to the pull boxes around the mating surfaces afterinstallation or the pull box covers must not have removable hinge pins and must be secured witha General Services Administration GSA approved changeable combination padlock. Are guards posted at these access points, and what hours are the access pointsopen; e. Is a personnel badge recognition system used; are access lists maintained; andis an escort required for uncleared personnel; f.


Indicate on a map or floor plan the location and routing of the proposed PDS. Simple distribution PDSs are afforded a reduced level of physical security protection as compared to a hardened distribution PDS. Indicate the clearance level of personnel entering the buildingand if a clearanceis required for unescorted access to the building; g.

The cost and operational impact ofmaintaining the security of the system should be assessed prior to acquisition and installation,since such costs can easily exceed the installation cost. This typeof hardened carrier should not be used for TS or special category information for non-U. Protective Distribution Systems 13 Dec 6. This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat Some additionaldefinitions are included to define terms not included in reference b.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The threat within the U. Committee on National Security Systems.