CDNs represent the future of digital content distribution and Navori Labs fully supports these methods to ensure the best possible network performance over any distance. The better way if you want to have brilliant digital signage experience. QL Content Manager is the user-facing dashboard. Founded in Located in Switzerland. Product Details QL Professional is an enterprise-grade software.

navori ql player

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Enforce environmental attributes and playfr scenarios with content triggered from users or third-party systems. Easy to change the information on the screens and their customer service is quick to respond if you ever need them. Users can mix any number of media types and QL player will render these programs into content that entices, informs and motivates viewers.

What is QL Player?

QL Playe is native software. Navori QL Professional Features. I found this company for use in the workplace. Content that is interactive, like a web page or an Adobe Flash animation will remain interactive when displayed in QL Player.

Multiple videos can play fully synchronized while other content plays elsewhere on screen.

navori ql player

I think that altough it gives good features, it is really expensive. QL Player is a highly reliable, efficient and cost effective digital signage media player software. QL Player supports all remote data feeds. This is a crucial feature for very large, globally distributed networks. They work in tandem to ensure the playback engine is always running and operating at peak efficiency.


If necessary, QL Player p,ayer either re-launch itself or the player device will restart to stabilize content play-out. Definitively in the top three of the Digital Signage software.

QL Player supports up to 4K on all platforms including mobile devices, tablets, SoC displays and external media players. Deliver the right message to the right screen at the right time. Similar Categories to Digital Signage Software: Check out top 7 innovations delivered with QL. SoC displays running on professional signage software can deliver similar performance and features as a powerful PC based media player. The most efficient software on the market is coded using a technique called native programming.

Digital Signage | Manage Displays From Anywhere | Navori

navri The playback engine is super-efficient and extremely reliable. Navori digital signage software is the Best signage software. There is no lag, no hesitation. Content playback is our priority and we take this mandate very seriously. It s really intuitive, you can define permissions for each user to upload contents.


When enabled, QL Spy will monitor interactivity on a touch enabled display and trigger an event if someone touches the screen.

navori ql player

Navori Labs strives to deliver software that is professional-grade and designed specifically for the task at hand. Not everyone needs to use a CDN but those who do will appreciate this feature immensely.

Navori QL Professional Reviews and Pricing –

No other CMS software lets you do this much, right out of played box. There is simply no comparison with other digital signage media players.

This leaner architecture improves reliability by a factor of 3 and provides real-time screen monitoring information inside QL Content Manager. This content can be a web page, an Adobe Flash animation, a third party executable program or specific QL managed content.

QL is in its second generation, benefiting from years of refinement and enhancements which makes it alone in its class. QL Playback Engine is the core rendering software that handles content play-out.