I was looking for 1. Here is a small video showing some of the resource pack off: BlueBird is a texture pack that’s very simple but equally as detailed. The subject of Pamplemousse is based around cutting edge outline and structural engineering, yet, it still holds an extremely customary style. Click Open Texture Pack Folder button; this will open the folder where Minecraft stores all texture packs. This is not a bad texture pack!

minecraft pamplemousse resource pack

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In that case the links went automatically broken We will require some assistance in this regard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Also I think it is missing some 1. It focuses on having as sleek and smooth textures as possible with the constraints of the lower resolution, as well as making items and blocks have a more modern look, to better simulate a HD pack despite being low-res.

Pamplemousse | Minecraft Texture Packs

Download Links for Minecraft 1. It blends simplicity with complexity in order to have a smoothdynamic and clean gaming experience. It works well for both modern and traditional builds alike making it a great all-round texture pack. October 1, at July 27, at 3: Crafteryada Resource Pack 1. This has helped contribute to its immense popularity, as anyone can use it, and despite its limited size and resolution, it still looks very good. Depending on your operating system it is: Download the best and beautiful Minecraft Resource Packs.


I was looking for 1. Guides Installing Minecraft Resource Packs.

Net is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way. That being said, that will look otherworldly moreover!

minecraft pamplemousse resource pack

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Pamplemousse Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7/1.6

The shade of red used to indicate the selected item in the hot bar is very difficult for me to see. This texture pack does not require an HD Patcher! Clarity Resource Pack for 1. We use cookies to ensure that we will provide you the best experience on our website. I also think a neon would fit the theme well. Serenity HD Resource Pack for 1. Download this pamplemousze pack file in. While having a modern style and resourcr is a focus of the pack, it is not an all-consuming focus, as the creator wants this pack to be as viable as possible, so it will still look great with less-than-modern builds and structures, due to the pack still retaining a more traditional style.


Go ahead; it will look incredible! This has resulted in a pack that is sleek and smooth, good looking, and has a modern touch, while still being able to run smoothly without making your PC catch on fire.

We will Rectify that as early as possible. Could the color be changed to something clearer, such as yellow, orange, blue, purple, silver, pink, black, of white? Your email address will not be published. Where you can find pamplemouxse anything for utilities of Minecraft. The subject of Pamplemousse is based around cutting edge outline and structural engineering, yet, it still holds an extremely customary style.

Easy to find what you want! If a version of Pamplemousse Resource Pack that you want isn’t listed below, leave us a comment to let us know about it.

minecraft pamplemousse resource pack