This is why she is not in the mood to share one of her rare moments of silence with Bojan. This is why he was probably awarded at the 18th Slovene Film Festival. Later on, she continued her schooling at Art Gymnasium — modern dance. She is strongly attracted to mysticism and that is exactly what will bring her to Valburga. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

maks bigec

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Vasily and her are friends because of common business plans and mutual company.

Cast | The Curse of Valburga

She was also a member of international dance group for a contemporary dance called EnKnapGroup. He likes bold projects. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. But sometimes street skills and self-confidence are not enough makd surviving such extreme circumstances as this one. Being merciful is not his virtue, more likely quite the opposite.

maks bigec

Actually, they are increasing his arrogance which is fed by artistic successes. He is cheerful, undemanding man and he is tipsy al least most of the time. In the Curse of Valburga she will appear in a full-length feature film for the first time.


maks bigec

Make sure not to miss anything by following us on Facebook or other social media! Despite playing a female part of the twins, she is going to be the non-stereotypically more aggresive one.

In Slovene film sphere, he was last seen in Overwritten in Klemen Dvornikthat is addressing bigc political ideologies and their remainings in the past in a specific way, just like in the Curse of Valburga. She started her acting career in in film Artificial Paradise Karpo Godina.

Jurij started with his theatre and film performances in Ljubljana in We will see him as a part of French gothic threesome who will represent a younger generation of visitors. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

maks bigec

Later on, she continued her schooling at Art Gymnasium — modern dance. She likes to undress in front of the camera. Vasily is also in the film industry. Black and White HD. The band published their eleventh studio album Flames in the Paradise in the spring of Use the HTML below. He bivec a baron with a cousin in Romania, who is so famous that stories about him already crossed the borders of his country.

Her movie role mals a character of the attractive clerk from office next door, who is just having a break. They can be given to you for free.


He also played with Slovene avantgarde band Laibach, which is on the brink of industrial and neoclassical genres. This time we will meet him as a Satanist who is obsessed with magic.

Zvezdni kino: ZMAGA ali kako je Maks Bigec zasukal kolo zgodovine

He believesthat if someone commits suicide because of his music, he is complimenting it. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free! A film about music and those who love it.

First time she was seen on television was in Letters from Egypt Polona Bigdc, She is so close to Angelina Jolie that they wish each other Happy new year. She could fight a tiger and a dragon in a forest with a katana without any problems.

He wore long hair and played Dungeons and Dragons. She is in the business accidentally and she is not looking for a higher purpose while practicing it.