On this album Mael Mordha sound more like Primordial than ever before, but less in an imitative way than in the exercise of a genuine, recognizable style. The more I think about it, though, the more the changes that come into play on Manannan make sense. With “Manannan”, the band has stepped beyond a simple genre band and achieved real art. Mael Mordha have sacrificed a bit of their visceral punch for texture and layer, and it has paid off enormously. Retrieved 23 June Originally written for www. This page was last edited on 5 October , at

mael mordha manannan

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At last we get the new one from the mighty Mael Mordha, three years after “Gealtacht Mael Mordha” proved something of a small step down from the brilliance of their debut. The more I think about it, though, the more the changes that come into play on Manannan make male.

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Mael Mórdha – Wikipedia

It’s not a scream or a growl, but sort of manamnan bellow that fits perfectly with the more janannan riffs on Manannan. The “doom” part in their description was always a bit iffy, as Mael Mordha have never really been a doom band. Retrieved from ” https: He continues to do his signature melodic flourishes during a single long syllable sort of thing, but if anything he uses his quasi-harsh vocals more often on this album than on previous ones.

With “Manannan”, the band has stepped beyond a simple genre band and achieved real art. There are a few moments that really catch your ear, though, such as the percussion avalanche that kicks the album off.


mael mordha manannan

I’m not talking about ice-pick tremolo lines in the vein of Transilvanian Hunger nor am I talking about punishing riff assaults a la early Beherit. In their debut album was re-released by Grau Records with two additional tracks previously recorded on the band’s first EP, The Path to Insanity.

On the title track, the whistle plays a nice melody alongside a mournful guitar solo, showing that the band has come a long way in learning how to intertwine the folk and metal elements of their sound into something more cohesive than ever before. Celtic metal musical groups Irish doom metal musical groups Musical groups established in Musical quintets Irish folk metal musical groups.

Mael Mórdha

I’ll take soaring, atmospheric blackened folk over sleepy, piano-driven ballads manannan day of the week. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat I suppose this tone might’ve been chosen on purpose as it likely works better for those blackened folk parts I mentioned earlier, but the heavier doom riffs feel a bit anemic.

The band’s music melds doom metal with Irish folk music to create what has been referred to as “Gaelic doom metal”.

At first blush the guitar sound here is less heavy and pummeling than on previous works, and I think the lack of downtuning was undertaken to give their music more sweep in the vein of that greatest of Irish bands, Primordial.

The first two tracks are good, but then we hit “The Doom of the Races of Eire” and the album proceeds straight to ‘fucking incredible’, and then continues with tracks like “Our Ancestors Dwell Here” or “The Gaelic Twilight”. As usual for the band, the drums provide more than a backdrop than anything mzel. Originally written for www. They’re still nice and crunchy, but nowhere near as bone-grinding as they were on previous releases.


What manqnnan play is a powerful, epic style of heavy metal infused with melodies and flourishes from Celtic music. It’s a fairly common thing for a band to settle into a certain style after a bit of early-career experimentation.

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Actually, I’d go so far as to say that exceptions to this tendency are fairly rare, discounting the usual late-career tomfoolery that befalls so many once-great bands. Doomy, genuinely passionately Celtic and mnaannan epic in scope, “Gealtacht After this point, there is not really a moment of the album that is not flat-out awesome, and repeated listens just serve to deepen the experience. Doom metalCeltic metal [1].

mael mordha manannan

What cannot be argued is that on this disc Mael Mordha has forged the greatest riffs of their career, and the album keeps picking up momentum as it goes along. That said, the more traditional folk instruments are still around, perhaps even more prevalent than ever before and are incorporated better into the actual music, rather than serving as sort of peripheral elements.

However, they managed to sacrifice their weightiest riffs, which certainly would have been welcome as those were my favorite moments from previous albums. Unfortunately, the more traditional doom-oriented songs aren’t quite as weighty or memorable as earlier efforts.