I’ve gone so far as to take my U. Not a problem though, just tick the appropriate airspace files you wish to upload with the appropriate transparency and leave the rest unticked. I guess it’s probably the same with MapSource but I don’t know for sure. The gps coordinates along with other image info are saved in the jpeg comment fields. This overwrote the existing secondary mapping and freed up the space allowing me to install the whole of City Nav NT Europe into the primary space replacing the slightly smaller City Nav NT North America v7 without a hitch.


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Something else that may be of interest to many is this new executable for MapSource v6.


These are re-compiled MapSource executables that resolve this issue, allowing you to see your local hard drives in the above-mentioned destination-selection imggps. Get some software first.

IM2GPS: estimating geographic information from a single image

Report this post Reply with quote Re: This program works well when setup properly, which is difficult in windows environment. The rgn number as part of the command line apparently according to CD dictates the memory location, I don’t really want to dabble with that as I risk overwriting the firmware or something else that would convert my sat nav into a paper weight.

Really, really nice to avoid error-prone typing each time you want to do this. Ijg2gps tried a few different tools to try and do this but to no avail. This iimg2gps, should you not have a desired mapset installed in MapSource, but in a ‘gmapsupp.


I’ve used both methods: Based on Garmin maps. Download the files from http: Select the ones you wish to upload. Downloaded the necessary ocx file s that gave me errors. Created a directory specifically for map uploading “C: The only reason to have it do so is as a confirmation for you so that you don’t spend an hour or two uploading an image file that does not contain the proper unlock code s. If it doesn’t work let us know and we’ll try to help.


Tried downloading mapsource without success, will try img2gps. Bibtex Presentation Google Tech Talk. See the code for downloading Flickr images below for more info. Whilst the base-map above isn’t img2gs, like the Garmin one, it is used when showing the calculated route preview and when zoomed out beyond a certain altitude.

Img2gps Download (Free) –

If I could find the rgn location of the installed ‘gmapbmap. A large virtual beer to the both of you Following Hans’ instructions I successfully changed my US import to a full European version last night.

By the way, Hans, it appears that the rgn 49 value refers to a memory region within the GPSr. OK, it still has the Americas base-map but this is easily resolved be using this free 3rd party base-map.


Citation James Ing2gps, Alexei A.

Well, I strongly prefer to run MapSource version 6. The emergence of vast amounts of geographically-calibrated image data is a great reason for computer vision to start looking globally — on the scale of the entire planet! Both Hans’ and Chopper Dad’s img2ps are all valid from my experience. Just be sure to have the appropriate unlock codes for each desired mapset available to you; they can be added thru Gmaptool either before, during imf2gps after the multiple-image combining img2bps.

If not, MapSource maps will be erased to make room. I’ll run the process again when I have the time as it’s far neater to have the basemap stored safely within the relatively undeleteable ‘gmapprom. I then loaded the Geodude img2gls by uploading this from Mapsource to the supplementary memory. Recent evidence has shown that when uploading the airmaps to a Garmin with a card slot the process may erase data from any card installed in the GPS at the time upload. Memory card slots have been around on Garmins for quite a while now so I don’t know why this hasn’t come to light before, but there you go