This is where the installer will extract the files. Version 9 will be adding 2 new weapons, and the next version of the Addon Pack will be adding 5 new weapons instead of 4. Share to your Steam activity feed. I thought it was completed already. February 10, , In the top left corner, you will see “SMOD40aq”.

hl2 smod redux

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I looked in the addons files on the modDB page but saw nothing regarding maps. Click OK, then Next, and then you’ll be greeted with this: Poren-Mordecai Apr 20 I don’t eedux about you scamer. Make sure you drop a like, it really helps!

SMOD for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

The specific module could not be found. Jul 30, Blowtatoes Feb 5 I downloaded this, put into sourcemods folder, restarted Steam and then tried to launch it and nothing happens when I press the PLAY button.

January 04, The SMOD maps don’t load enemies either. Please keep in mind that making a proper fix for these issues has been difficult because i do not have the source code to SMOD, and therefore cannot make the changes needed to make SMOD fully compatible with the new update.


Guest Smos 7 I’ve done all that and I still have to copy files from the regular half-life 2.

SMOD for Half-Life 2

Lord Licorice Apr 15 9: Restart steam, and if everything smodd, you should see smod redux 8 in your library! This item is incompatible with Half-Life 2. I’m using smod redux version Guest Jun 27 You may have to copy maps file from hl2dm or etc Guest Jun 13 and how does that say anything about the mod When you open the launcher, it looks like this: You should copy over ALL the maps to be safe.

Sign in or join rsdux Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. In the top left corner, you will see “SMOD40aq”.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Getting Smod Redux v8 to work!

Hardwired is much more different than any reedux SMod version. Click on Yes, then Yes again, and then wait. Technically, it would be a better fit for the MP40, but it currently lacks a melee attack animation.


hl2 smod redux

KireinaTsuki Mar 12 i dont care. Earn money and get special rewards by killing enemies. Is it normal to crash if I equip a gravity gun smof I burnt? Forgot to install them on my new comp.

SMOD Redux Version 10 (V2) file

Guest Nov 8 because you need to install SDK or Half-Life 2 Store Page. GenZ Mar 14, 6: February 10, As a special hk2, make sure you install this patch after the Addon Pack. Does anybody have a fix for it? Now, go to the gameinfo.

hl2 smod redux