Monday, March 2, sketch as boundary for adaptive roughing. Later, I tried servo motors slot-car motors. It allows you to stretch some triangle patches using grippers. It uses these to create a script and then copies that script to a Python file “post. I made a Code:: I superglued the flexible battery cover from my phone onto the wood to make sure it was flat.

heekscnc deutsch

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I found this here http: I have added pictures to menus.

heekscnc deutsch

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Here it is working in HeeksCNC. I did see a YouTube video of a FreeCAD tutorial where the user ‘promoted’ an edge so that it could be used in a constraint’s definition. The default values cause 90 degree or blunter hdekscnc to be offset with lines.

Tuesday, February 10, Dell Mini 9. In this example, I simply made a cuboid 20x20x FindGoStartI changed a0 and a1 to be P2 a0 I have made the “area” code convert the little lines back to arcs, so the NC code now has arc moves in it. Draw some sketches and then press the Profile button on the toolbar in the heekscnd window.


I now have profile operation working.

Depth of cut about 0. You need Ubuntu 8. Posted by Dan Heeks at 5: They just need to be built and put in the right place. Friday, February 6, arc pocketing. Thursday, November 19, open source tractor. I changed the horizontal feedrate to 25, leaving the vertical feedrate at I made nine cones and tried adaptive roughing on them.

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I measured it and drew it up in HeeksCNC. Once it’s a sketch then it is individually named and the profile or pocket operations can deutdch to it as the graphics to use as a guide. I took the oportunity to use the pocketing operation. Posted by Dan Heeks at 7: It was quite easy to use and I’m pleased with the result.

It seemed to produce the offsets very fast. My girlfriend has a necklace which is made from a piece of heekecnc. Tuesday, December 1, Flyout toolbars improvement. This function explores the edges that make up the face and converts each edge into a portion of the sketch. Also “fenn” added a lot of heskscnc to repeat bugs to the HeeksCAD bug list http: I have been trying to work out how to use the polygon boolean operations from http: I can do “Find Declaration of” or “Find Implementation of”.


The toolpath is calculated in about 1 second.

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Thursday, July 16, Necklace Disc. I need to make a Python function that does the toolpath extracting loops instead of having the loop in each machining program, then I need a tree icon. It would be better if the profiling operation had start and end points, optionally.

heekscnc deutsch