Type in the Easting of point 4 and press the key. You can start calculating from a New Close or from the end of an existing Close Matrix. Posted by ChristopherRobinson Buy now: From Close Data Entry Menu page 2, press the key. Add Calculation Solution Menu: To select the HPB infrared printer, press the key from the menu.

geocalc 4.2

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To view the next line, press the key.

Geocalc Users Reference Manual Sample Copy – PDF

SA An input prompt will display prompting for the End Coords. The stack lines move up to make room.

geocalc 4.2

MP L 1 The calculated coordinates for the next point will be calculated when the next Bearing and Distance sequence is entered. The screen will display the currently stored coordinate data: E This option allows you to calculate a new coordinate from a fixed point with Bearing and Distance. An input teocalc will display prompting for the next geoocalc known Bearings.

GeoCalc free version download for PC The 4. L Menu consists of two pages: Software that is licensed in a Business Name is licensed per office and can be used on any number of HP calculators and is NOT limited to one person.


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Posted by KennethRodriguez Buy geocal Insert mode is active when the menu key displays as 1. The Close Data Entry status line should look like this: The amount of gekcalc user memory will be displayed in level 1 of the stack.

MP L The warranty will not apply to the product if it has been damaged by misuse, alteration, accident, improper handling or operation, or if unauthorized repairs are attempted or made.

A print menu is available for headings, current matrix bearings and distances, traverse details and adjusted areas, coordinate listings, plot.

geocalc 4.2

Transmitting and Printing Data. Type in the Easting of point 1 and press the key. The purchaser is permitted to create a copy of the supplied CD to a blank CD for backup purposes and for exclusive use by the purchaser only.

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The Cut Area Bearing 5 will be displayed in level 1 of the stack. Geocal is done by interrogating the last row of the Level Matrix.

Calculate rises and falls. This adjustment does not allow for Side Shot type levelling from the main Forward Run.


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The number of levels changes according to how many objects are stored on the stack. The calculation data will be copied to the stack. All programs in this manual are designed to operate with the HP infrared printers.

Type in the Easting of point 2 and press the key. Enter in the Measured distance, type in the distance and geocalv the key. Choose Print Heading Menu: Datum Correction SA 8. Angular Misclose adjustment will display and a summary of SA the number of angles and adjustment per angle with the message “Adjusting….

This will display the EDIT menu. The result will be left in level 1 of the stack. Set display FIX for global changes, and applied to bearings, and applied to distances. To recall the previous Easting press the E Enter in the station coordinate.