Percussion and male spoken words follow. Love the piano chords. Later some crazy organ playing before it changes to a new melodic, upbeat section that almost sounds like reggae. RIO fans with a general taste for live performances might also want to take note of this CD, in particular if they have yet to explore the discography of this fine French ensemble. Studio Album, 3. Bearing this formula in mind and appreciating EFL’s masterity and sense of humor, I give them these deserved 2 stars – this is not kind of music you’ll listen to all the time, but it’s worthy as an example of experimental Art. It’s doubtfully you’ll be listening to it daily.

etron fou leloublan batelages

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Features skronking just to add some flavour. Definitely worth a shot, but be warned. Lots of regional folk melodies nestled in the mix as well and the album is well paced with different moods, textures and genre shifts that make it a truly smooth flow that warrants more respect as a etrn RIO entity.

One of the biggest influences on the band’s sound seems to be Captain Beefheart. Etron Fou Leloublan in Left to right: The dissonant, freeform capabilities of the genre appear in EFL’s music, but so do punk and Latin music to a degree. The piece switches between vocal and instrumental interludes and will either enchant or infuriate.

The vocals start yelling at one point. Later switches to a more punk sound with sax soloing.


etron fou leloublan batelages

A change before 2 minutes as the keyboards, bass and drums become the focus. Views Read Edit View history. Other sites in the MAC network: Comes back to the great bayelages section.

The closing mins Histoires De Graines returns to the rough madness of the previous Amulette track with their drunken Beefheart rawness and a Hammillian way of unleashing a sonic chaos. It’s obvious that a good mastery of French is a plus for enjoyment of EFL’s oeuvre, but the leoublan is always clearly intelligible that even those with a lesser French should follow the lyrics in the booklet without much problems.

Perhaps not as enjoyable as the best the RIO movement had to offer on heavy rotation eton nevertheless this a veritable treat for anyone who is craving something utterly unique and a historical artifact that sounds like no other.

Talking of cynic, “La Java Des Bateelages Atomiques” full of French chanson flavour seasoned with funky voices and sincere organ sounds.

Batelages | Replica Records

The latter track has a beautiful bass-chord driven beginning that sparks interest. It’s surprisingly spacey late. This one is chock full of energetic disregard for musical norms without resorting to purely atonal noise or angular riff attacks well most of the time! But that doesn’t mean that EFL aren’t unique in their own right. The song returns to the the beginning part, then goes through the next two sections again.

Etron Fou Leloublan

Etron Fou Leloublan became a quartet in with Bernard Mathieu replacing Grand on saxophone, and the addition of multi-instrumentalist and singer Jo Thirion. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer.


While the term Rock In Opposition has become somewhat synonymous with avant-prog, in the beginning it solely referred to the bands that played in the Rock In Opposition performances. It’s not a masterpiece, but it is certainly unconventional, which is enough for anyone to give it a listen, I guess. Both parts get repeated. This was released in and you won’t find too much music that was as experimental and “progressive” as this back then. The latter track has a beautiful bass-chord driven beginning that sparks interest.

InRichard, Chenevier and female vocalist Etrln Thirion who played keyboards and brass on a previous album, decided to go on as a three-piece set and recorded what was to be the band’s final album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

etron fou leloublan batelages

Oh man, that bass sound! Unfortunately, this freeform stuff is what might drive most progsters nuts.

ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN discography and reviews

New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock. One etrn hardly call THIS singing – actually, voice is just another instrumenta and I don’t what the hell it’s singing about.

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