What if the same algorithm had been used in 12 months time to ship the routers with WPA switched on? Eir raised the issue with their supplier, who confirmed the security risk on 22 November. Originally Posted by DeepBlue. We chatted about this ages ago bud lol. Switch to Mobile Site. Also, that configure the router can only be done via a network cable connection, with a changed user name and password. Skype can run parts of its code on secure servers at Skype HQ.

eircom ssid

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And with randomness, I suspect the PKC would degenerate into a respectable one way hash?

eircom ssid

Contact Us Advertise With Us. Originally Posted by DeepBlue. Eicrom Wii does it quite happily. Seid should always be some randomness in there. Please select the reason for reporting this comment. Now simply reconnect all your devices using your new WiFi password. Originally Posted by Skud in advanced options what is there? The fact he got in has nothing to do with the tool, the tool just made his life easier.

When pushed on if it was possible customer data may have been accessed that Eir was not yet aware of, Bradley said that could be the case.


Eircom WEP key-generation algorithm reversed

Change your Wifi network name and password in a few simple steps. Though, complex code can get you quite a long way, as some of the recent malware and Skype analysis shows.

eircom ssid

This is why so much software especially games with commercial anti-debugging tools and obfuscation usually get cracked within a day ssd release. I dont have a eircom router, try to google name of your router’s config online?

But unfortunately for Eircom, it gets worse. And 4 years later my neighbour is still using WEP to secure their wifi network. Last edited by DeepBlue; at Look out for the “wireless LAN” option.

Hiding SSID on eircom wireless – how? –

Posted October 3, at Wire service provided by Associated Press. Malware is reverse engineered quite quickly too, some are just difficult to detect. You can read the announcement and access links to the revised policies here. Personalise your news feed by choosing your favourite topics of interest. When checked enabledor in Closed Mode, it will be necessary to enter the SSID value into the client card configuration to permit access to the available network. Find More Posts by DeepBlue.

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Hi, I have a mac and am having trouble getting it on my eircom wireless with a netopia router i have entered my network key but it is not connecting i have connected useing a belkin router no problem the mac is asking for a wep password, am i doing somthing wrong, any suggestions? Ronan, have you rircom connecting to eircon Eircom box with the wireless security turned off?


How does one go about doing this?

eircom ssid

Always use firewallssdand always use own unique passwords. Originally Posted by Spear. We have added a small update to the Terms of Use.

Most of what I know about reverse engineering of Skype has come from links off http: Please sign up or log in to join the discussion.

As of yet, Eir has no idea who was responsible seid the hack and has informed the government and the Data Protection Commissioner on the case. Eir only became aware of potential security breach after reading about it online The ssjd will contactcustomers after at least 2, modems were breached.