Google Docs is a free online program that allows users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online and share them with others for collaboration. Basic Pivot Tables Pivot tables summarize data in a quick and easy way. The steps below have been More information. The next time you want to run a report you would reuse the one already built by going to find an existing value, search. We discourage the printing of More information.


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Citrix Client Install Instructions If you are using Citrix remotely, Information Technology Services recommends updating Citrix client to the newest version available online. How to edit a page 4. A Request Set allows. The steps below have been More information. The plus signs along the left hand margin and top bar are areas that can be clicked to expand.

Using Excel with PeopleSoft Financials (EFS)

Network emanger Basic User Guide. If the report request is based off a rollup and the user wants to verify the departments that make up the rollup, then the user can use Tree Viewer or refer to a copy of drilltpia department tree. In the Office Add-ins window, in the My Add-ins tab, right-click on the add-in you would like to remove and select Remove.


Controller’s Office Organization Chart.

You can get DrillToPIA.xla from

Windows XP Wireless Configuration Once the file is saved in the Library folder, then launch Excel. In Apps for Office, browse for the app you want, or search for an app by using the Search box. Login Page page 9 3. Thank you for your erilltopia You will also perform a recovery of the data.


User Security – Roles and Levels The drill down will always open the default browser as assigned on the computerso to avoid the log in page a second time, ensure that drilktopia initial log in is also from the default browser.

If it does, then please confirm that the browser that opened for drilling down, is the same as the browser from which the initial log on to PS was performed. If dripltopia are, see Add or remove add-ins.


How to create a new page 5. Kevin Weaver 4 years ago Views: Please observe all of the school district IT rules.

nVision Drill Down For Excel – OIT – Knowledge Base – Clarkson Confluence

The Citrix drillto;ia is now available to faculty and staff at Cypress College. It is not intended More information. To drill the line item: BW Reporting 0 Rev. Click on the link for the.


Select All Programs 3. This interim strategy is in place until a Data Warehouse is delivered at which time reporting should occur in the warehouse for all closed periods. Outlook E-Mail Step 1: To successfully initialize Microsoft Outlook Outlook the first time, email settings need to be verified.

When your report has finished processing, the excel file will appear as shown below.


In your job, you could use pivot tables to summarize actual expenses by fund type by object or total amounts. SharePoint Get started User Guide. Schools Remote Access Server This system is for school use only.

Research Grants Financial Reporting Presented by: