The dirt sound was just one of them things that just came to me. We worked on the track and they actually released it which was great. Anyone can get it. By the time we finished song 2, I knew I had to sign him. He was super animated and had a lot of energy and made his presence known as soon as he entered the building. I think it would be really cool to have Kendrick on a record.

dawaun parker until its done

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It was also at Berklee where Beaudreau would meet the multi-platinum selling super-producer, Dawaun Parker. What makes your sound different from other producers?

Dawaun Parker

Anyone can get it. And production, like I said, was very fun and enjoyable. What can we expect from your upcoming album Ether? So now people are used of EM. Ambitious, and an artist that has a definite style, and innovation we are looking forward to what he comes out with next. You will be hearing a lot more from him. Check out this exclusive interview….

dawaun parker until its done

Influenced by classic legends umtil The Beatles and Stevie Wonder, while drawing inspiration from current greats, Thom Yorke and Kanye West, Beaudreau crafts a stunning soundscape that feels both unique and familiar.


He really lets you know when he likes something. What is the 1 thing you learned from working with Dre? Six months later I was working for him.

Until It’s Done (Feat. Phil Beaudreau) by Dawaun Parker | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It was an amazing sight to see. Guest You must login to post. The dirt sound was just one of them things dawsun just came to me. Dre and most recently, Kendrick Lamar.

He is a very cool and focused guy. They called me up and we got cracking on everything.

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Sampled the track “Anyway [Interlude]” Btw just listened to the tracks on this page, and take it high and buried alive are crazy good. I never saw him pick up the pen. How was Busta in the studio? So they called me up and asked if I wanted to get on the session and I happen to be in the oarker and came to the studio.

My regular choices are the keyboard and the MPC. Again it was the same type of situation like T. This one is for my Bostonians: Dre had put out a notice he was looking for people for his production team, so they found me in school as I was graduating.


What else can we expect from Phil Beaudreau in ? My style is a mix of the east coast sound with a gospel background.

You can expect music that chronicles my growth as an artist over the last year. What equipment do you use when producing? Didn’t download it because I’m waiting for Ether: How did you end up being an in house producer for Aftermath?

dawaun parker until its done

They do all of their work on their own. Musically rich and intoxicatingly catchy, Ether documents the process of an artist discovering his creative potential. How is Eminem in the studio? Sampled the track parekr [Interlude]”.