In addition I get a warning: This fix is now available in clhep 2. A bunch of other warnings generated by clang. I’m not sure which of the two compilers is right, but it should be a good practice to do an explicit cast anyway. We need to assign that to someone else. CLHEP’s configure scripts are completely confused by that and stop working, no matter which compiler I try to select. A Mac OS


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After this step you will automatically back to the prompt terminal and then, you will launch the compilation:.

[Gate-users] Install geant4 problem

In future, configure will be dropped in favor of cmake. Some patches are needed to compile Gate with Qt.


Choose the ROOT version according to hardware architecture and uncompressed the downloaded file:. See Package Requirements Contents.

A Mac OS X application is “just” a hierarchical directory the “. We are looking at your compilation problem, but that will take some time to sort out properly.

Installing GATE onto cluster – Error

Downloading A Mac OS Do you expect to run these scripts and binaries on multiple machines? One might need a trivial fix in code, while the other one could just as well be silenced: I’m using Mac OS X Those operations 21.1.0 no sense on floats, they can only be done on signed or unsigned integers.


Views Read View source View history. It is recommended to install directly the ROOT binaries. Thank you very much for the very quick fix. We need to assign that to someone else.


Before continuing, make sure all required packages are installed. Reaping losing child 0xf PID make [1]: It would be great if the configure script was slightly more flexible than it currently is.


This fix is now available in clhep 2. The Random code is complex. For others platforms, see the compilation intructions here.

With Ubuntu Linux distribution, the packages are ‘cmake’ and ‘cmake-curses-gui’. In theory it works. In addition I get a warning: Using Batch no visualization It is still possible to use a pure batch job no visualization in Terminal instead of using Qt interface.

Finally, update your environment variables file with the following command lines: Would you please open a new ticket about the warning in GenericFunctions? The only thing that compiler complains about is that it doesn’t know how it should cast objects HurdEngine in particular that may in theory be casted both to unsigned int and float. Compilation The following tutorial was tested on a Mac OS Most of softwares will be compiled with make tool, if you have more than 1 processor, replace N in make -jN in this tutorial by the number of yours cores.


Qt interface for Gate

Users have to compile the ROOT sources only if necessary. A Mac OS The recommended version for GATE v6.

The fix for Random is now committed to svn.