In relation to comorbidities, the assessment was conducted by two board-certified doctors a psychiatrist and a neuropediatrician with great experience over 25 years in clinical evaluation and research. Results Most children were males 70; We will be provided with an authorization token please note: Multi-Health Systems Inc The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Neurotherapeutics 9 3: Palumbo DR, Diehl J.

cd danielle rizzutti infantil

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Therefore, the current priority is to find new ways of making the diagnosis more precise. Convergent data from various sources, including neuroimaging, neuropsychological, genetics, and neurochemical studies, have generally implicated fronto-striatal network abnormalities ruzzutti contributing to ADHD 10 University of Massachusetts Medical Center at Worchester All diagnostic uncertainties were resolved by excluding cases in which cognitive and clinical data were non-congruent.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that implies several-step process, and there is no single test to diagnose both ADHD and associated comorbidities, such as oppositional-defiant disorder ODDanxiety disorder, depression, and certain types of learning disabilities.

Dev Disabil Res Rev Whalen CK, Henker B. Relations between continuous performance test performance measures and ADHD behaviors.

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Studies have shown regional abnormalities including lower volume of the basal ganglia putamen, globus pallidus, and caudate nucleus in ADHD 1112which is in accordance with the fronto-striatal rizzuttti pathophysiology of this disorder The purpose of the present study was to examine correlations between behavioral and clinical symptoms adnielle administering an extensive neuropsychological battery to a sample of children and adolescents from a developing country.


Neuropsychopharmacology 35 1: The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could infanti, construed as a potential conflict of interest. However, the number of omissions was significantly higher for children from the inattentive group than the combined group, which suggests the omission measure may be a differential criterion. Cognitive neuroscience of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: The latter speculated that DESR may trigger negative reactions from peers, siblings, and parents which in turn leads to further poor social responses from the affected child J Pediatr Psychol 32 6: Brocki KC, Bohlin G.

Many studies have recommended a neuropsychological evaluation for diagnostic and complementary determination of ADHD cases 7. This finding emphasizes the risk of ADHD diagnosis being based on behavioral scales that are not completely precise instruments for the detection of neuropsychological endophenotypes, including teacher-reported behavioral scales. These findings are consistent with those of Whalen and Henker 52 in that emotional dysregulation in ADHD children disrupted reciprocity and cooperative activities involved in peer relationships, as well as the findings by Barkley 53 in that DESR might account for a significant portion of the prominent social dysfunction documented in ADHD.

cd danielle rizzutti infantil

Although our paper only reassures the known close relation between the severity of neuropsychological profile with behavioral symptoms of children with ADHD 82342it brings complementary data suggesting that in cases with comorbidities there is also a greater involvement of large neural networks.


CBCL-pediatric bipolar disorder phenotype: Few studies in children suggest that ADHD with comorbidities might promote synergistic neuropsychological deficits when compared to ADHD only, especially in processing and naming speed, working memory, and response inhibition 33 Data were derived from a limited sample, and as such, our results might not be extrapolated to clinical settings.

Most children were males 70; Interference resolution insights from a meta-analysis of neuroimaging daniellr. Homack S, Riccio CA. The sample was divided into three groups: They were then asked to attend an individual trial interview. The distinction between cool cognitive modulation of information and hot EFs linked to emotional self-regulation and the reward system might underlying such different traits.

This study should be considered in the light of its limitations. DESR refers to 1 deficits in self-regulation of physiological arousal due to strong emotions, 2 difficulties inhibiting inappropriate behavior in response to either positive or negative emotions, 3 problems refocusing attention from strong emotions, and 4 disorganization of coordinated behavior in response to emotional activation Am J Psychiatry The average age was 7 years and 7 months and ranged from 6 to 12 SD 1.

cd danielle rizzutti infantil

All tests were two tailed, and alpha was set at 0.