Now we are ready for the Kapnobatai, for those who walk on smoke. A tense, almost neo-Lynchian, moth-swarm of ominous dark ambient that would be a fitting soundtrack to sleep paralysis brantly. Then Simon takes you further down the entrance of his wretched world. Static of the Kapnobatai Reincarnation Chamber is a harsh ritualistic track, consisting mainly of moans and whispers, an unbiased presentation of the emanating battle between the different personalities in one existence, perhaps.

atrium carceri ptahil

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Comes with 8 page booklet Atrium Carceri Main Series from first carcdri last: Somewhere around here, in the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end, the dream stops — the End Titles offer us a harmonious, dreamy synth sequence, the way out of the nightmare, the key to locking it all inside, somewhere in the back of our mind… Yet another seducing, intoxicating and restless expedition through the heart of the infamous Citadel.

Dark ambientExperimental. We breathe of the sacred fumes, sit there awhile tuning our energy to theirs, striving to achieve the perfect understanding, the perfect unison.

Simon makes this universe to something where demons dance. Let your mind be stripped to the pulpy, undulating core with this darkened voyage into domains both dreadful and serenely beautiful.

Now we are ready for the Kapnobatai, for those who walk on smoke. MorKroM a stunning masterpiece of dark imagination! As it vibrates, intensifying, organic sounds are introduced and we are led inwards with thumping beats, crackling sounds and horrifying whispers, by all kinds of creatures residing in the shadowy corners of this corridor we are traversing.


Ptahil Reviews

If you like Ptahil, you may also like: The slow, pounding heartbeat prevails, inciting terror and inducing sudden energy surges. Shadows made more intense by the scarce rays of light that fall on the rusted, metal doors and walls. February 28, Uncategorized Atrium Carceri. Female forms sit randomly on the floor, their faces veiled from the eyes of the simply curious.

Remembrance and alteration become one, drones, pulsation and melody ptzhil to their alien, godlike chanting, as we proceed into the inner sanctions of the temple. Reaching the end of the corridor, we find ourselves in a spacious, circular room, the only light emanating from a circular opening on the ceiling, forming a column of light in its middle.

The merging of time and science. If not, the general idea is still enough to be fascinating.

atrium carceri ptahil

Let your mind be stripped to the pulpy, undulating core with this darkened voyage into domains both dreadful and serenely beautiful. Ptahil takes you carcrei more step beyond the boundaries of mortality.

A Place to Call Home So the best carcdri to assimilate this experience is to fall into a somewhat meditative state, forgetting everything related to everyday life, and to let this curious deity carry you in a journey through its newly acquired domain.

Atrium Carceri emerges from the vapours with yet another stunning release entitled Ptahil fetahil. If you like Ptahil, you may also like:. Quarantine starts it off like something straight out of a David Lynch film and from there the darkness sets in and makes for one of the most atmospheric albums I can imagine. Loud, visceral, intense and painfully immediate; tells a story of pain, near death, and recuperation.


Time is plunging us into a void; it leads us on a path towards the abyss of death. This is such a rich and complicated experience, I am quite sure it will induce different effects on everyone — just like a good hallucinogen. The doors extend some distance away on both sides of the hallway, patterns of rust and mould forming on their surfaces. Fall The Night by Flowers for Bodysnatchers. It feels familiar, somewhere we have wandered many times, many centuries, many lifetimes ago.

Ptahil Reviews – Atrium Carceri

You are being dragged down by depression of man. The extremely painful procedure of revival, or toiling through a mundane existence, the aching, agonizing effort of the consciousness, to break through its walls and barriers, overcome the pain, and be reborn. Whose spirit is exulted by sacred fumes, to summon what cannot be summoned, to walk the paths that everyone fears, to answer the questions that have no answer.

atrium carceri ptahil

We kneel on the floor and look into the light, feeling the tangible darkness around us, and hear the voices of the past in our mind, whispering half-truths, lies, revealing just enough to make us want to go further.