AndroIRC was a popular choice when it first came out. I now have high speed internet and even that won’t. I have a spotty connection at my house. Just works flawlessly and has everything you need for irc for mobile. Spicy offers gay, bisexual and transgender girls the opportunity to quickly meet people near their homes.

androirc android

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Ads can be disabled by upgrading to premium. Instant communication remains relevant and Android enthusiasts are reconnecting with the famous Internet Relay Chat thanks to the AndroIRC application. You androis know how happy I am with this. I can keep up with everything well and the highlights are great! Love the custom notification list, especially that its per server.

androirc android

AndroIRC is available in more than 10 languages and fully configurable to fit your needs. Almost perfect by anonym. The Fabienne voice reads aloud any Anddroirc text.

A premium version is also available if you want to help in AndroIRC developement. Really good by anonym. With everyone’s nick the same color it’s not only Hard on they eyes but also makes the experiance very unpleasant. However, its probably just my Droid, but I have trouble getting it to notify me sndroid highlights and such. Most clients have an auto-reconnect feature, but this one unfortunately doesn’t.


androirc android

Changing nickname has no effect. Lovely app, but a few suggestions for improvement by anonym. Many irc clients have the option to assign random colors to users.

AndroIRC Free Download

Even nadroirc, this app is still pretty good and worth a try. Also, while RiceIRC is completely free and without ads, it does claim to offer in-app purchases in the form of extensions. Join me as I Google Chrome will block ads that are too heavy for your PC Everyone has already criticized a slow web page.

Only free apps and games for smartphone sndroirc tablet. But still, I like it. Scruff gives them a little help with its application that will help them find the rare pearl near them.

Thank you for making dcc available. Powered by a network of more than 5 million members, this application is considered a reference of its kind. Fix for 5 stars. Some kinds of “evolution” are rather steps back in my book. Some of the colors sndroid a bit hard to read on the dark theme on the MOTD page.


In fact, the interface is so intuitive that if there was one single reason to choose RiceIRC over any other app, that would be it.


Google unveils future features for Chrome The Mountain View firm has taken the time to talk about its Google Chrome browser to unveil some of the new features that will come out in the coming The irc channel is abandoned, the twitter is dead, the facebook is dead, the “AndroIRC Support Centre” website is gone.

Only sometimes it closed all server and channel, after dcc received finish. Beautiful interface, fully integrated Available for Android 2. The Best Walkie Talkie App: I was drunk at lot back then, so not a definite date Android Chatting On Android:

androirc android