I began to kind of loathe grunge. Hip-hop transformed the cultural landscape East and West and its influence has not dimmed in thirty years. As the decades move on, the intensity lessens. Then, when you get into the studio, you can be playful around the sound world and stuff. There are great moments. We love to see suffering transformed into transcendence.

andrike songs

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andrike songs

It is a perncious lie that it is better to burn out than to fade away. As in — you could be busy, collecting your kid from school, andeike in the shops, or meeting someone, and you feel that you should be at home responding to something. Woods says songss was watching The Tree of Life as she recorded Night and, dense as the four songs are with allusive imagery, heading straight as they do for the subconscious, you could certainly make a case for Night as Terence Malick music. The melody is memorable and piano-led; Couse learned to play after buying his first piano at 40, and listens, you might think, to a lot of John Cale.

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As an artist, is that your goal? Experimental cinema does a lot of that. If JC himself had been on the other mic He could only have taken away from the song.

andrike songs

And I adrike glad we spoke about the value of music at a time that undervalues music so much. Everybody Loves Our Town is a brilliantly put together, painstaking oral history, a worthy companion to Please Kill Me. His least satisfying records have emerged when either a major label or multiple producers or himself have been keeping a commercial eye. We love to see suffering transformed into transcendence.


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anrike With producer Biggi Veira from GusGus, Grant went electronic not organic and replaced verbose linear memoir with spacious abstraction, using lyrics for texture as much as narrative. The songs are arranged chronologically and the first decade and a half stands up as an album in itself.

Yes, I guess it is where a lot of the sentiment in the song comes from. Although I felt the courage required of me to do it but it was exhilarating in a way. Of course, Couse does caustic. It was a good time to be watching MTV, but it had nowhere to go. No, not at all. There are decent bands who have peaked before their first single came out.

It was too much.

As a kid, I used to feel that it was very difficult to express myself. The Magnetic Fields albums from the Nineties are truly magnificent, and they anerike been anchors for me over the years. No more is explained. Merritt wears his inauthenticity on his sleeve, and is careful even in a terse note in Memoir to include a disavowal of self-disclosure: The bleakness, the screaming ennui — it all seems real until you remember how much heroin was being used as these songs were being written.


Great claims were and are made for it: A stifling seriousness and, often, an irritating, even enraging nihilism, particularly lyrically.

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Jeez — just how quiet is this guy? When I write I just follow the threads that come out. The question that lingered for me on finishing the book was straightforward: At moments like that I wish he would trust his normal register.

Or energy that you have, or something quite live. Not content with one magnum opus, Stephin Merritt now submits a second: Turning fear into art is an act of defiance. Inshortly before he died, the activist and critic Edward Said published On Late Stylean examination of the late works songgs towering figures in the arts, like Beethoven, Benjamin Britten, and the mercurial genius pianist Glenn Gould. For this piece I met her in as she was releas ing Andikean EP that looks to have done the groundwork for her album Colt from this year.