This is in fact one of the household names when it comes to Cydia sources. Try again some other time because Cydia is most likely overloaded at the moment with the new untethered jailbreak coming in. Due to its coolness, this tweak was mentioned once in our top 10 best Cydia apps of all time. Everyone else can proceed with the countdown below. Even though the top 10 Cydia tweaks were as recent as , things changed every day in technology world. That isn’t to say I need to do so. Surenix, developer of the popular jailbreak themes and tweaks such as ayecon and atom has just discovered that Apple is randomly resigning some iOS 6.

airblue sharing ios 6.0.1

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I dont like games on ios i use pc. You will not be having rebooting issues after this procedure! I have Google Voice set up, I just can never use it on my phone.

airblue sharing ios 6.0.1

They make me mad. The harder Apple tightens its grip on its ecosystem the more star systems will slip through its fingers.

You are getting this error due to the zodttd repo which is added in Cydia. As far as content go, Insanelyi features pretty much the same sort of packages with the above repositories. Until the bf got me excited when he told me the jailbreak was finally out.

Cydia is hammered right now so adding repositories will give you a hard time. Thank you very much, another good one ist http: For non-Italian readers, don’t let that scare you because you will really be missing out for some great contents.


Is der any repo from wer I can download nitrous 2. Tap the “Edit” ioa at the top right, then the “Add” button at the top left.

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Sad to say that Hackulous source is now officially DEADso you won’t be able to download apps like AppSync and Installous from the repository anymore. Then until I delete one of my sources, no packages show up under ANY source…………. A repository has no iarblue to cause other repositories to give http errors. This repo hosts a good deal of content which are generally the typical offering of apps and tweaks.

After surfing the web, I watched a video in YouTube with the solution in it.

airblue sharing ios 6.0.1

Since then, it reboots, goes to the apple logo, then a black screen and then enters into an infinite loop, doing the same over and over again! Posted by Vega Categories: After this you can start installing all your other repos and start downloading the apps as well.

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It works well on iOS 6 and soon iOS 7. I have already installed it but it does not let me use it because I have not purchased it. The update will also bring Stickers into the main Facebook app, along with an updated interface for iPad users to make it more along the lines of the recent desktop update.


I was very disappointed with Apple from withdrawing support for my 2nd generation iPod Touch, which I can’t even install apps I paid since I can’t upgrade to iOS 4. In ten thousand games only 10 are worth paying, in a million available apps only a couple of dozens are really useful.

airblue sharing ios 6.0.1

Hackulous is pretty much deader than dead these days which is indicated zharing the updates. And just like that, you should see the best Cydia themes of all of time after you downloaded Springtomize 2.

Tap Add Anyway whenever it is applicable. I confess that sometimes i might sideload apps though im not an iOS user.

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These are good Cydia repo. Delete repo repo and this should solve the issues! Try again some other time. Ok so while installing an app from an unknown source I think Eharing may have downloaded black Pegasus?

One of the fastest-growing sources out there, and definitely deserves the spot here in the top Cydia sources of Despite of developers’ efforts.