Needless to say, if these fixes are implemented, there is no telling how far the AceKard 2. After carefully pealing back the holographic Acekard sticker, found on the back of the AK2i, a unique 20 digit code is revealed. It is extremely easy to use, all the features are very accessible, but even so, the scale of what has to be done to create a skin is often enough to scare people away. While you can force some formatters to format a 4GB card at FAT16 you will see a significantly negative performance impact. They look amazing already!

acekard 2.1 software

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It features better compatibility, more options, more behind the scenes optimizations, better 3in1 support, anti-piracy patching, WI-FI updates, multiple patching methods, faster directory scrolling, more soft-reset fixes, Homebrew soft-reset, a rewritten cheat engine, an active development team, Wii connectivity and much more.

However this is an old release, so you will not be able to play the newer games asfor example Inside Bowser Story. After the first use, you will automatically go into your last directory upon boot. While in theory they should work, the coders of AKAIO do not have one to test with, donations are welcome though.

AKAIO – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

Unfortunately the problem with the AceKard 2 was the build. For games that are problematic with DMA mode, please make sure to first update the loaders to the most recent version.


SAV can be renamed. Not all Acekard 2. Before reporting any bugs make sure you tested the “problem” on the most recent public build of AKAIO. Users can update the Wi-Fi plugin itself. Future ROMs dumps with Wii connectivity are not guaranteed to work. This cannot be changed and doesn’t have any affect on usability. They are essentially the AK2 repaired, which means the internals are the same.

Below are the contents of the Globalsettings. The Wi-Fi update will only download the loader for the kit you are using. The reason for this is because all of the patches require an area of RAM to work. The properties of various items can be displayed depending on the file type selection.

You may need to back out one directory and then re-enter to refresh the view. The icon is quite pretty, and I generally prefer carts that go into the DS firmware because it leaves options like download play and pictochat easily accessible.

I really wish I could hang on to this cart for another few months before writing a review to see if the defects will start to kick in, but I can ‘t.

Which one is better for your needs is based on the research you do. My questions are the following. 21 are able to have only one shortcut at a time, and using the option again on another file will replace the shortcut.


please help new to acekard 2.1

I will download it and check if it works on the AceKard which actually isn’t mine but owned by one of my team mates What really bugs me about the AceKard 2.

I just bought a new ak2i from realhotstuff. I’ve never used anything but their official firmware before. With the new AceKard 2.

Pressing “B” will take you back 1 directory. Honestly, the DSTT is a prime example of my complaints.

acekard 2.1 software

Acekard has since gone back one revision and the Acekard 2. By Jakob15 in forum News. Not a huge difference, but the little things do matter. They said they only had 8 left in stock so panic bought a ton of em This is the reason the article was created, to help alleviate the problems one might encounter while setting up their new Acekard with the AKAIO firmware.

An anonymous user repacked v1.

acekard 2.1 software