Sign up using Email and Password. All the “import” or “extend” declaration should always use the qualified name of the imported or extended module [import com:: Active 2 years, 8 months ago. Variables Variables should also be named using a camel case name starting with a lower case “a” or “an” and followed by the name of the type or the name of the feature. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Those dedicated parts are most of the time expressions specified on the entity of the input models used to select and extract information from those models. During this transition, the language used by Acceleo to define a code generator has been changed to use the new standard from the OMG for model to text transformation, MOFM2T.

acceleo eclipse plugin

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Active 2 years, 8 months ago.

Acceleo Best Practices

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: This non regression model should contain all the type of model elements that are being handled by the generator. Inwhile moving to Acceleo 3, the project has been accepted in the Eclipse Foundation.

acceleo eclipse plugin

The source code of Acceleo 1. Profiling data are available in an EMF models after a generation launched with the profiler. Java services should be used to query the model and to filter the element of the model. Eclilse model is your input, so if you want to have a compiled and configurable Acceleo plugin you should maybe have a “configuration element” on your entrance model if you are using UML it can be a “configuration class”in this case you’ll be able to have a “blackbox m2t transformation” and also some information through your entrance model from which you can take decisions.


Acceleo is an open-source code generator from the Eclipse Foundation that allows people to use a model-driven approach to building applications.

It also comes with dedicated views to help you navigate within your code generator and quickly access code generation design patterns. Language improvements, XML compatibility, export of generators as Eclipse plugin.

I have written a plugin that uses Acceleo and I want it to run an Acceleo template from a project that is in the workspace. In order to compare an enumeration literal, you have to do: The Acceleo documentation [29] is accessible online on the Eclipse Help Center [30] and on the wiki of the Acceleo project. Let block In Acceleo, the “let” block is strictly equals to an ‘if instanceof”.

acceleo eclipse plugin

It is recommended not to use Java acceeleo to generated code. The module defined in this example is parameterized to generate Java but the MOFM2T standard is independent of the generated code. And you thought you knew template based code generator? Exporting packages The main package, the properties package and the service package should be exported. Email Required, but never shown.

java – Dynamic Acceleo Project Plugin – Stack Overflow

How do we handle problem users? Obeo Traceability can handle some modifications of the generated code but a massive change of the generated code like the use of a formatter on the generated code would create massive gaps between the traceability information and the code. The use of templates or queries without any parameters is also not recommended.

License Eclipse Public License Website www. If you want to define a very generic template, you should use OclAny as the type of your variables.

Acceleo Best Practices – Obeo

The generated text should not be heavily modified. Do not use Acceleo or OCL keywords in acveleo expressions, for example, if you have to manipulate a feature named body, instead of [myElement. OCL is a standard language from the OMG to navigate in models and to define constraints on the elements of a model.


The parser and the generation engine, critical components of Acceleo, can also be used in “stand-alone”, without being deployed on Eclipse. Granularity of an Acceleo module While writing a module, you should think about the re-use of your generator. Whether you are considering it or not, you will one day have to modify manually your generated code and you want to keep your modification even if you are regenerating your code.

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If you are not generating on the Ecore metamodel http: It is recommended to use queries to calculate repetitive piece of code because a query will keep its result in cache if you call the query again with the same parameter, Acceleo will not re-evaluate the query, it will return the result of the query during the eclipwe evaluation with the same parameter. One would imagine that a template like this would be useless but if you want to change the naming convention of all the element of your generator, you just have one template to change or pplugin override.

Easily create custom code generators. An Acceleo module should follow the same conventions regarding its metric as a Java class.

acceleo eclipse plugin